Monday, November 19, 2012

She is my Muse!

Good morning,

Another share, now this is a special layout because I got to use my prize won on the amazing Stacey Young's blog, I was so spoiled! Anyway I went grungy yet again and I think it is so me! I love the dirty/shabby look and it was so fun too! That is so important to have fun!!! I used loads of haberdashery items from my evergroing stash!

There was quite a lot of introspection while creating this layout, my layouts are always very photo focused, it always starts with the emotion I captured in a particular photo, in this photo I see my child and I love the look she gives me and I know she looks very dirty (she has just smeared the face paint I just put on, trying to make her look like a poodle lol) but it is her, little miss personality! Since the photo was face painting fun I decided to let loose with the gesso, my background is gesso heaven and all my handcut flowers and metal clasps, chain and denim got a slim layer as well!
I got my journalling rolled up and stashed into a spool. Also threw some sequins around the place, wrapped some Baker's Twine around a chipboard circle frame, splattered some TA glimmermist.
I got an old pair of jeans and cut out my photo frame, lollipop flowers and a banner, very cheap!
Well that is it for me today! Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love the sneeks so can't wait to see the whole thing.

  2. Well I missed the whole layout, the closeups looks amazing, well done on being published... must keep my eye out for it!

  3. Bummer! I missed your layout... BUT! LOVE the close ups!!! SO no wonder it has been picked up for Publication...
    OH! & BTW....THANK you SOooO VERY much for your lovely comments you have left over on my blog!!! x

  4. wow congrats on the publication..can't wait to see the full layout :)

  5. Oh I totally missed this one didn't I!!! Serves me right for being a commenting slacko! Lol! Congrats! The close ups look AMAZING!!! Well done - you go girl! xo